Assess 360 Degree Survey

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30-60 minutes
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Outmatch pre-employment assessments

Managers misidentify the right talent for succession 60% of the time 

Identify emerging leaders, improve succession planning, and promote the right people faster

360 Degree Leadership assessments can objectively predict performance for next-level appointments

360-degree feedback is a process whereby an individual is rated on his or her performance by people credible to the individual and familiar with his or her work, usually, a combination of direct reports, peers and managers This is usually in addition to completing a self-assessment on performance. The resulting information is presented to the individual with the aim of helping them to gain a better understanding of his or her skills and development areas.

Customise the development plans for your employees. Whether your focus is on succession planning, leadership change, or overall bench strength, leadership assessments provide a unified strategy for identifying and developing skilled leaders to meet the needs of your business

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