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Work together with Retail Advantage, and use our software solutions to ascertain the most experienced candidates are identified, and every candidate is managed effectively throughout the recruitment process.

Price: $990 for up to 10 stores/locations plus an additional $99 for every additional store added to the license

Hiring System
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Our goal is to have you spend time in face to face interviews with only those candidates that are a match for the skills, experience and personality you are looking for.

Here is a breakdown of the solution.


This stage is crucial to assist you quickly identify your top applicants by determining the ideal skills and experience required for each position. Creating a qualification and scoring system in the application process where scores are allocated for each response allows you to will both screen out unsuitable candidates, and highlight the most qualified.


Once the job is configured on Retail Advantage’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you can advertise on any job board you choose.

Jobs are able to be uploaded to Indeed and Linked In at no charge.

All applications are placed directly into the ATS. Ads are linked via job-specific URL’s we provide you. This includes any advertisements placed on Seek or Trademe Jobs.

Screening Out

The “disqualifiers” and points system we build into the questions we will require applicants to complete will assist us in determining your top candidates.

Suggestions include # of years of experience in retail, experience making sushi, residency or a work permit greater than 2 years, no criminal record, etc.

Screening In

If a candidate’s responses to the questions asked during the application process are all within your agreed thresholds you can choose to have us ask the candidate to complete a 10-minute personality questionnaire.

Their responses are overlaid against agreed personality profiles for key roles. The candidate is allocated a score on a scale of 1-10 on their match to the ideal personality you have outlined for the position. A “traffic light” system identifies those most suitable, the higher the score the better the personality fit to the role they are applying for.

The Short List

When the application is submitted you have two methods to start forming your shortlist of candidates, their scores from your questions, and the personality-fit score and from that, a shortlist can be determined.

We will communicate with all candidates on your behalf (via templates you have approved) on the status of their application.

Consistent Structured Communication

Communication with all candidates via customised emails is managed via the ATS. This will ensure you are able to update all candidates, no matter the volume, in a consistent manner that protects your brand image, even if you are delivering bad news.



  • A career page is created and linked to your home page, this hosts open roles or your application process.
  • Free ads posted on Indeed, Linked In (no additional charge or administration required). All advertisements are linked to this career page
  • Candidates apply within the Applicant Tracking System where they are asked questions you define
  • An option to include Personality screening at the time of application is available (at no additional charge)
  • All communication with candidates is managed from the ATS using customised email templates

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