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OutMatch Personality Assessments measure a number of traits and characteristics which can impact a person’s job performance.  Candidates take cognitive assessments designed for senior/management positions and these along with their personalities are analysed against competencies identified for a Marketing Manager position.
30-60 minutes
Personality & CognitivePosition/Role Related

Outmatch pre-employment assessments

OutMatch Personality Assessments measure a number of traits and characteristics which can impact a person’s job performance.

The OutMatch Assessment uses an assessment scale to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates & employees as it relates to their specific roles and the following benchmarked behavioural dimensions:

Assertiveness                                     Sociability                                           Accommodation

Positive View of People                     Interpersonal Insight                         Optimism

Criticism Tolerance                            Social Restraint                                  Competitiveness

Reflective Thinking                            Cautious Thinking                              Objective Thinking

Realistic Thinking                               Work Intensity                                   Work Independence

Process-Focused                               Multitasking                                       Follow Through

Preference for Structure

These competencies will be grouped and evaluated in the following insight categories in the report.

Note that the scales and competencies comprising each job profile are defined by Outmatch and vary based upon what has been defined as necessary for success in the role.

For the Outmatch Marketing these competencies are:

Engaging Communication                Making Sound Decisions                  Driving Results

Leading Change                                 Planning & Organising                      Innovation

Relationship Management               Resilience                                           Influencing

The Personality assessment will produce a suitability score of between 1-5, with 5 being the optimum match

It’s important to note that low scores are not necessarily bad and high scores are not necessarily good. High and low scores of each scale have both positive implications and negative implications. The interpretation of the score will depend on what Outmatch has defined as being needed in the job.

Cognitive Testing

The 2 Cognitive Assessments chosen for this assessment are  

Sales Knowledge, Numerical Reasoning

Each Cognitive test takes approx. 15 mins to take, the assessment is out of 5

Outmatch has an optional “Compare” report, where up to four candidates can be reviewed across the competencies as well as an interview guide with suggested questions derived from their assessment.

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