Prevue Learning & Reasoning Assessment

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Assessment of mental ability, sometimes labeled cognitive tests are relevant for most jobs because intelligence determines the rate at which people process information.  The speed that information is processed controls the rate at which people learn on the job (training) and the ability to cope with the new novel aspects of the job.

15-30 minutes
Cognitive Only
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Prevue HR applicant tracking and objective employee assessments.

Whether you’re looking for a numbers wizard or just someone you can trust to send a professional email, the Prevue Learning and Reasoning cognitive/ aptitude test is one of the most accurate predictors of job fit. This 20-minute timed assessment offers you a window into abilities the candidate might not even know they have.

This Assessment explains a person’s capacity to learn and use information, develop skills, solve problems and understand instructions. The Prevue Learning & Reasoning report compares a candidate’s abilities test scores to a benchmark that is based on a certain level of cognitive ability defined as being needed for a job position.

How quickly can this person learn and use new information? Can they solve problems, work with words and data, and manipulate objects in three dimensions? Define your ideal hire. Ask candidates to complete the online assessment and get a detailed but straightforward report for comparison.

See how candidates rank on a 10-point scale for General Abilities, Working With Numbers, Working With Words, and Working With Shapes. The report compares these results to your benchmark and tells you how this could affect the candidate’s job fit.

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