SalesFuel HIRE Assessment

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Assessment focussed specifically on selling skills and knowledge with a view if indicating a candidates strengths and tendencies in nine different categories of the sales cycle.

60-90 minutes
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SalesFuel HIRE Sales Assessment Test
A comprehensive assessment that will uncover whether they’re likely to be a sales producer or sales impostor

Are they a good fit for the job you are hiring for — or perhaps another opening in the company? SalesFuel HIRE measures Natural Job Fit scores for 10 types of positions in the typical sales department. Scores are based not only on the sales assessment test (sales competencies required for the job), but also their mindset and personality profile.

Will your future 1‑on-1s be productive in making the salesperson better or frustratingly ineffective? Can a B candidate be developed into an A player? SalesFuel HIRE measures each candidate’s Natural Coachability, plus their receptiveness to coaching in four key areas.

Hiring managers will know for certain if their candidate truly possesses the knowledge of their craft, and if the candidate is suited for the sales role you need. Strengths and tendencies in nine categories of sales competency are revealed.
  1. Planning and Preparing
  2. Targeting and Prospecting
  3. Discovery
  4. Connecting with the Buyer
  5. Solving
  6. Closing
  7. Assuring
  8. Self-Management
  9. Social Selling



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