Online Reference Checking

Get detailed, candid feedback from past employers quickly and easily.

An automated platform where a candidate evaluation survey is emailed to each referee. Online Reference Checking provides a cost-effective and productive process that will ensure there is a consistency and structure in the final stage of the hiring process.

Don’t treat the reference check process as a “tick the box” exercise

Online Referencing presents only the most accurate and factual results. The referee is asked approximately 40 questions about the candidate and asked to rank them on a sliding scale. This process takes them approximately 15 minutes.

No More Telephone Tag

Once the candidate has accepted an invitation to register for the software, they add their references, outline the reference name, company, and relationship to the candidate. The reference is asked to confirm those details.

The referee can log in and provide feedback when it suits them, as opposed to you calling them at a time that may not be convenient.

Consistent, Concise and Easy to Read

If you have a larger organisation number the reference checking process will be managed consistently irrespective of how many hiring managers you have in the company.

The candidate summary reports are easy to read. The reference provides feedback on over 40 questions allowing hiring managers can see the responses review the relative strengths and weaknesses of the applicants, across all references in one consolidated report.

Save hours of time

Spend an average of 5 minutes checking each individual reference and considering their candidacy, rather than 45-90 minutes to contact each referee and complete the call.

You can always go “old school” if you have questions

If the hiring manager needs any clarification on a response in the report, they still have the option to pick up the phone and look for clarification.