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Assessments to help you better understand people’s motivations and attitudes. Hire the right people, drive staff development, and build powerful teams.


A CV and interview tell you if the candidate can do the job you are hiring for.

Personality assessments will give you insights into HOW they will do that job.

Your ideal hire should fit the role and your company culture. Assessing candidates provides you with insight into their values, attitudes,  and motivations.

The cost of a bad hire is estimated at up to x5 their salary.  Reduce the risk of this by taking the time to learn more about your preferred candidate.




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Cognitive & Skills

Aptitude or Cognitive tests are relevant for most jobs, they assess the rate at which people process information. In turn, processing of information controls the rate at which people learn on the job and their ability to cope with new or unexpected events at work.

We have a suite of different assessments dependant on the level of the role you are recruiting for, and whether you are looking at specific areas (e.g. Numbers) or a more general feel for a candidate’s processing capabilities.

Skills tests assist in understanding if candidates have specific skills required to do the role you are recruiting for. They give confidence the candidate can actually do what they say they can.

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Retail Specific

Ask the right questions, get the best answers, and step up your hiring game with this retail assessment.

Retail-Fit reports quickly show you if a candidate fits your role. Get to the top applicants first with personality screen results, where red means ‘no’ and green means ‘go’. Even if some responses don’t meet your exact requirements, it doesn’t mean the candidate won’t be a fit. Retail-Fit gives you candidate-specific interview questions to guide your next conversation. Each question is generated based on candidate responses and make interviews even more useful.

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360 Degree Surveys

360-degree feedback is a process whereby an individual is rated on his or her performance by people credible to the individual and familiar with his or her work, usually, a combination of direct reports, peers and managers This is usually in addition to completing a self-assessment on performance. The resulting information is presented to the individual with the aim of helping them to gain a better understanding of his or her skills and development areas.


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Team Development

Good workplace communication is the secret ingredient to team success. Some people are naturally expressive and have no issues speaking in front of the team, while some might prefer
private communication to get the message across.  Our Team Development reports helps you navigate the different communication styles of each team type to ensure that everyone is heard and engaged

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