Pre-Recorded Video Interviewing

Discover quality employees faster & more productively

The one-way interview functionality is a huge time-saver.

Pre-recorded video interviewing software allows you to screen applicants in a fraction of the time it takes to schedule and conduct either phone or in-person interviews.

Control the interview as if you were in the room

The applicant is asked to record videos of themselves answering pre-determined interview questions you would normally ask in your first interview

The amount of pressure (time to prepare and time to respond) can also be modified meaning the platform can meet the needs of any position.

Terminate the interview when you decide

No more sitting in an interview room with a totally unsuitable candidate for 30-45 minutes

Decision-makers in the hiring process are given access, each can watch, replay, share, fast-forward these video responses at their convenience.

A candidate who is not deemed a good fit can be screened out immediately, something that is impossible to do in a face to face interview. Those suitable for face to face interviews can be identified