Prevue Customised Benchmark & Assessment

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The Prevue Job Fit Assessment provides both a personality profile & an assessment of mental processing ability. Personality profiles explain the style of how things will be done – the person’s innate characteristics of their preferred way of doing things or reacting. The cognitive tests are relevant for most jobs, the results will indicate the rate at which people process information.

30-60 minutes
Personality & CognitivePersonalityPosition/Role RelatedTeam Development

Prevue’s Job Fit reports assess both their personality and cognitive capabilities and compare them to role-specific benchmarks, you will discover–without bias–how candidates might act in different situations, and why.

Most assessment products generate reports that evaluate a candidate against a generic profile for these roles. However, in some situations, they will not align to the specific requirements of a role or a companies culture.

For example, a Product Manager responsible for a low margin/ short life cycle brand requires a completely different personality and working style to a Product Manager who manages a product line-up that never changes with triple-digit gross margin.

Prevue Customised Assessment differs from other assessment platforms on the market as it allows its customers to define personality “benchmarks” so that they are specific to their company or the role. 

Managers can commonly be heard looking to either recruit the carbon copy of successful employees they have worked with in the past. To achieve this you would need to understand what makes your current employees tick!

Using Prevue company’s can create their own specific benchmarks, and when you are recruiting from your shortlist of candidates they can be assessed against them.

The creation of the benchmark is a two-step process

Step 1: Job Description Survey (JDS)

A client’s customised benchmarks are created through a combination of surveying management and key contributors to the characteristics required to be successful in the role, and by performing assessments on current team members. This is completed online and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete per participant

Step 2: Assessment of Key Staff/Top Performers

The client selects a number of key staff in each area. They complete a Prevue assessment which is a combination look at competencies, motivations, personality traits, and takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

A by-product of this process is these reports can provide benefit in  the development and succession planning of these employees, as well as be used in understand team dynamics using the Prevue Teams platform,

Assess Advantage takes the results of the JDS and the assessments of staff in a department, and merge them into customised benchmarks for each role.  You now can evaluate future candidates against these benchmarks to ensure job-fit to exactly what you are looking for, and what has worked in the past.


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