Prevue Job-Fit Assessment

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The Prevue Job Fit Assessment provides both a personality profile & an assessment of mental processing ability. Personality profiles explain the style of how things will be done – the person’s innate characteristics of their preferred way of doing things or reacting. The cognitive tests are relevant for most jobs, the results will indicate the rate at which people process information.

30-60 minutes
Personality & CognitivePosition/Role RelatedTeam Development

Prevue’s Job Fit reports assess both their personality and cognitive capabilities and compare them to role-specific benchmarks, you will discover–without bias–how candidates might act in different situations, and why.

Customised benchmark option is available as a separate orderable product

Your ideal hire should fit the role and your company culture. But there’s only so much you can learn from an interview. With the Prevue Job Fit Assessment, you can get a sneak preview of both the candidate’s personality and their cognitive capabilities before he or she walks in the door.

The Prevue Learning and Reasoning section of the report compares a candidate. See how they rank on a 10-point scale for General Abilities, Working With Numbers, Working With Words, and Working With Shapes. The report compares these results to your benchmark and tells you how this could affect the candidate’s job fit.

This section of the report explains a person’s capacity to learn and use information, develop skills, solve problems and understand instructions. Cognitive/ aptitude tests are one of the most accurate predictors of job fit.

The Prevue Personality section of the report provides insights into their characteristics and approaches to common scenarios faced at work and paints an authentic picture of the candidate. You’ll see how this person compares to your benchmark and get recommendations for interview questions that target ‘problem’ areas.

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