Prevue Team-Fit Report

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Use Prevue’s Team-Fit to discover how different personalities work together. Minimize conflict, improve communication, and optimize effectiveness in your team.

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Team Development
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Reach Your Team’s Shared Potential

Use Prevue’s Team-Fit to discover how different personalities work together. Minimize conflict, improve communication, and optimize effectiveness in your team.

If you are hiring and using the Prevue Job Fit Assessment to assist in the recruitment process, you can now run a new report, Team Fit. The report will help the hiring manager understand how they would best communicate and will relate to the candidate if they were hired and if will work with the existing team, and them as a manager.

Team Fit is a great tool for inducting staff, one of the hardest things when you join a new team is working out everyone’s personalities, nuances and how they tick. Team Fit is the perfect tool to bring your new employee up to speed.

Build The Ideal Team Culture

To make the dream work, you must first make the teamwork. Bring personality insights to your team by learning how each member works best with one another. Prevue’s Team-Fit report compares your personality traits to your teammates’ and highlights opportunities that will help promote group success.

Enhance Communication

Good workplace communication is the secret ingredient to team success. Some people are naturally expressive and have no issues speaking in front of the team, while some might prefer private communication to get the message across. Prevue’s Team-Fit helps you navigate the different communication styles of each team type to ensure that everyone is heard and engaged.

Minimize Group Conflicts

In today’s collaborative workplace, teamwork is essential in most organizations around the world. But like any kind of relationship, we are bound to click with certain people and not with others.

Prevue’s Team-Fit aims to break down those barriers by showing you areas of potential conflicts, along with solutions that will help bring your team’s effectiveness to a higher level.

Prevue Team-Fit Types

Prevue’s Team-Fit looks just like those quizzes you do to find out which cartoon character you are. Combining the results from our science-backed assessments, the Team-Fit tool assigns you to one of the nine-team characters we have specifically designed to match your temperaments. You may be a Chameleon who is generally flexible and tends to “go with the flow”, or you could be a Maverick who is outgoing and competitive by nature.


The Detailer tends to be introverted and focused on the task at hand. Their ability to focus on a task is a real asset for any team and will help ensure completion of work while adhering to agreed-upon rules and standards. Due to their dislike of loose ends, the Detailer tends to pull people back to the task when they get off track.


The Realist tends to be reliable, task-focused, and quiet in nature. Their inward approach to work may make their communication limited at times, but their ability to focus on the task at hand is an asset to any team. The Realist notices details, and they can identify and communicate weaknesses, potential problems, and missed opportunities that may otherwise go unrecognized.


The Strategist tends to be a reliable, trustworthy person who prefers stable and unchanging conditions at work. Their practical approach to work helps the team get things done. You’ll find them implementing ideas and strategies by turning them into plans and operations, and they’ll always be able to update the team on the exact stage a project has reached.


The Driver is likely to be creative, innovative and provide strong leadership. When they see a task that needs completion, you’ll find them utilizing available resources to get the job done quickly. The Driver knows how to leverage the skills and abilities of members of their team and tends to apply direct communication to engage the team toward a specific goal or outcome.


The Chameleon is a generally well-balanced, flexible individual who can contribute their strengths in a wide variety of scenarios. You may perceive the Chameleon as puzzling or hard to read, as their actions and behaviours may change to meet the demands of the work environment. In all situations, however, the Chameleon is famous for going with the flow.


The Diplomat tends to be reliable, calm and co-operative. You’ll likely find them listening to colleagues, and then summarizing key points and ideas to highlight the human potential that exists on the team. Relationships are very important to the Diplomat, and they are energized by encouraging individuals to contribute their strengths to the team’s projects and tasks.


The Maverick tends to be assertive, competitive and motivated to achieve goals. They are also outgoing, and people tend to view them as strong leaders. Their leadership is especially beneficial when the goals of the Maverick and the goals of the organization are in alignment. When alignment is lacking, however, the Maverick’s leadership may seem disruptive.


The Forager tends to be outgoing, relaxed and easy in the company of others. Others often see them as friendly, joyful and interested in people. The Forager is known to create extensive networks of contacts who can help them access information and resources to get things done.


The Harmonizer tends to be relaxed, outgoing, and aware of the social climate of their team. You’ll likely find them chatting with colleagues, discovering common interests, and ensuring that everyone on the team is happy. Their relationships are very important to them, and they are likely to be energized by an opportunity to improve the wellbeing of their team

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