DISC Report & Self-Paced Learning

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Taking a DISC assessment is a great way to learn about yourself or others. Each DISC assessment produces a personalized report. Your report will give you tips on how to flex your natural behaviors out of your comfort zone to achieve better results. After practice and training yourself to flex your behaviors, you will see that it becomes easier and easier to display these behaviors until it starts to happen subconsciously. We refer to this long-term change as behavior morphing. Start your transformation and become the person you want to be today!

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15-30 minutes
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The DISC Business Behaviours Report explains how your DISC profile will influence your preferences and natural behaviour tendencies at work. The report is personalized to each user and includes a 360 component to allow you to see how others view your behaviour as well.

This report is great for professional development.


DISCflex Business Behaviours Program Contains:

  • 60 Question Targeted DISC Assessment
  • 20+ Page Report
  • The ability to add friends, family and/or colleagues 3rd Party Perception (360-view)
  • Identification of your Top 3 DISC “Sub-Factors”
  • Personalized Information and guidance in relation to your specific DISC Factor Scores
  • 1 Page Coaching Summary on Work Environment, Goal Setting, Interpersonal Communication, Change, Decision Making, Team Interactions, Facilitation, Receiving and Giving Feedback, Self-talk, Performance Management.


DISCflex eLearning Includes:

  • 15+ Hours of Content delivered by Video, audio, scripts, and activities divided into bite-size portions.
  • Recommended videos and exercises specific to dialling up or down your specific DISC “sub factors”
  • Breakdown of all 15 DISCflex Patterns individually to assist in identifying other people’s DISC types.
  • An overview of how DISC factors relate to one another (DISC sub-factors).


DISCflex Report Debrief Includes:

  • Your DISCflex Pattern
  • Individual DISC Factor Scores
  • DISC Factor Pie Chart
  • Strengths/Challenges
  • Motivators/Stressors
  • 3rd Party Feedback
  • Coaching Pages


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