Outmatch Development Report

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Outmatch Development reports are tailored, on-demand development plans for every employee regardless of career stage. Recommended personal growth resources embedded in the report, and the ability to customise development resources for your staff, or yourself.

15-30 minutes
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Outmatch pre-employment assessments

OutMatch Development Assessments measure a number of traits and characteristics which can impact a person’s job performance.

If you are succession planning or working on an employee’s personalized growth tips aid managers with future training and performance improvement plans. Outmatch Development Reports can be produced which offer reading material and advice, performance improvement plans, or future training suggestions to the employee and their manager on how they can work to “close the gaps” on suggested areas

If a candidate is not a great fit for the role they applied to, but there is another job they would succeed at, OutMatch has the ability to select another role, the system applies the candidate’s scores from their original assessment to the competency assessment for the alternate role/s. The Outmatch “Succeed” report, which allows you to run one assessment against 4 different roles/positions.

The OutMatch Assessment uses an assessment scale to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates & employees as it relates to their specific roles and the benchmarked competencies

OutMatch Assessment Behavioural Dimensions

Note that the scales and competencies comprising each job profile are defined by Outmatch and vary based upon what has been defined as necessary for success in the role.

Assertiveness: do they take the initiative or allow others to take the lead.

Sociability: do they seek out and enjoy social interactions or prefer being alone/ one-on-one interactions.

Accommodation: will they accommodate the needs of others first or prioritise their personal needs.

Positive View of People: are they trusting/optimistic or critical or cynical in their outlook toward people

Interpersonal Insight: how aware or “tuned in” to others’ feelings, motivations, and behaviours.

Optimism: do they have an optimistic and positive outlook under most work circumstances or concerned about what could go wrong.

Criticism Tolerance: will they interpret criticism objectively versus being sensitive to feedback from others.

Social Restraint: are they self-controlled when engaging with others or less restrained and carefree.

Competitiveness: what emphasis do they put on achieving success and winning vs. being less competitive

Reflective Thinking: will they thoroughly consider & seek out information, or be comfortable acting with limited information

Cautious Thinking: are they likely to have a deliberate and serious style when deciding on a course of action or likely to making decisions quickly.

Objective Thinking: do they view information & situations factually or view them from a more personal frame of reference.

Realistic Thinking: will they draw from past-experience and are practical, or be imaginative, wishful thinkers.

Work Intensity: do they prefer to accomplish many things quickly or work methodically/at a less hurried pace.

Work Independence: do they prefer to rely on themselves or do they prefer to collaborate and seek support from others.

Process-Focused: do they prefer to be organized and structured in the way they work or take a less methodical approach.

Multitasking: do they prefer variety and handling multiple tasks, vs. predictability & focusing on one thing at a time.

Follow Through: can they be relied on to follow through and demonstrate commitment rather than being flexible with priorities.

Preference for Structure: do they prefer to be provided with direction and structure, or a more loosely defined work setting

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